1. LA CHAMBA BLACK CLAY SAUTE PAN This black clay cookware is still made conventionally by crafting from local clay because it is famous for retaining heat. People use this pan in Colombia for making and serving traditional dishes. Its natural materials give your saute dishes an authentic and distinctive taste. 2. ZEN KETTLE, FLAME It comes in quick-heating designs with harmonic whistles. This cookware kettle has heat-resistant handles with stainless steel brackets featuring premium carbon steel with colorful, chip-resistant porcelain enamel. Moreover, it has a contemporary design featuring a distinctive spherical knob and semi-circular handle. 3. GASTRO STAINLESS STEEL PRESSURE COOKER It is a multipurpose pressure cooker in strong and heavy gauge steel and aluminum construction. Its heavy-duty lid locks down during cooking. It can deliver well-cooked dishes for the entire family in an instant. 4. STAUB CERAMIC 9-INCH OVAL BAKING DISH This bakeware is oven and broiler safe up to 572F and is highly resistant to scratches, impacts, and thermal shocks. You can use it in a microwave, and it is dishwasher safe also.
5. COOKIES CUTTERS, 4-PIECE SET These cookie cutters can transform an ordinary cookie dough into delectable shapes. You can also use it to shape sandwiches, pancakes, etc. They are ideal for use with a wide variety of edible and non-edible materials. 6. CAST IRON PRESEASONED LOAF PAN You can quickly clean this cast iron bakeware after cooking by putting it in hot water and boiling it for some time. Don’t use detergent as it may remove the seasoning. 7. ACACIA WOOD ROUND CUTTING BOARD Its acacia wood construction gives additional strength, while a little handle allows convenient movement. It is a piece of classic craftsmanship combining style and function. 8. STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN SHEARS, SILVER You can use this kitchen tool to shred and chop up ingredients. It features razor-sharp stainless steel blades powerful enough to cut small bones. 9. MINI STANDING GRATER It is a fully functional standing grater kitchen tool with three grating surfaces and is ideal for small jobs like grating various items. It is a stainless steel tool that is 2.5 inches in height and features a slicing side surface. 10. BLOMUS STAINLESS STEEL CHEESE CUTTER SLICER You can slice cheese with precision every single time. It features an exact shape and high-quality stainless material that makes it an eyecatcher in every home. It is modern and comfortable to use, trendy but classic also.