10 Kitchen Storage For Your Dream Kitchen

1. Food Storage Container Organizer Soft Close This kitchen storage serves to store your tableware. Made of wood and insulated with iron, it can be used to store dishes and clothes after you wash it. This storage can be put in your kitchen cabinet. So your eating and drinking utensils are kept clean without getting dust or dirt. 2. Rice Dispenser 25Kg For this storage, specifically for storing your rice or grains to keep it clean and not easily hit by insects or other animals. With plastic material, so it’s easy to move it in your kitchen. The way to take it is quite unique, only pulling the front and bottom a few pulls so that it fits what you need. 3. 21 “Two-Tier Cookware Organizer This place serves to dry and drain your eating and drinking utensils after you use it and wash it or clean it. So when it is dry, you can put it in the storage cupboard later. 4. Rev-A-Shelf 448-BC19SC-5C 448 Series 5 “W Pull Out Base Organizer – Natural Wood The shelf where your cooking equipment is really unique. This shelf resides in a cabinet provided with rails for you to pull out when needed. 5. 8 “Door Storage Bins Set, White, Almond, 7.875” w X 4.25 “d X 3.563” h The storage area is in the form of a door and the door is also used for storage, which consists of 5 trays. Will make your kitchen simple and neat.
6. 5 “x 36” Wood Pull Out Wall Organizer Withsoft Close, 6.5 “w X 10.75” d X 26,188 “h This storage is for the wall or for placing in the upper cupboard. A place to store your kitchen spices, so when you are going to cook, you don’t have to bother looking for your kitchen spices. 7. Teak Dish and Cup Holder Do you like drinking tea or coffee at certain times? Of course you need a place to store the cups and saucers. Which, when placed on your dining table, will actually beautify your dining table. 8. Pantry Swing Out Cabinet 12 “x 8″ x 45-5 / 8 ” This storage can be used as a storage area for your kitchen spices and food ingredients, making your kitchen look clean and simple. 9. Hafele 548.10.41 Magic Corner II Base Corner Unit System Frame, Silver This storage is called magic corner because it is located in the corner of your cabinet in the kitchen. Able to store your cooking utensils or cutlery too. 10. 5 Inch Utensil Bin Base Cabinet Pullout Built on Premium Soft-close Slides You are always confused about saving your cutlery? Or a place to store knives and other cooking utensils? This is the perfect place for your spoon and fork as well as your knife. And when put in a cupboard, your kitchen becomes tidy.