5 Exercises To Manage Menstrual Pain

1. Deep Breathing – Taking slow, deep breaths helps reduce stress and relax tense muscles in the abdominal area which may help reduce cramping and other symptoms associated with menstruation. To practice deep breathing, start by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Slowly inhale through your nose for four seconds, feeling the breath fill your lungs from the bottom up before exhaling slowly for six seconds out of your mouth. Repeat this cycle until you feel relaxed and centered. 2. Pelvic Tilts – Pelvic tilts involve gently arching and flattening your lower back while lying on the floor on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. This exercise is especially helpful at relieving tightness in the lower abdomen as well as improving posture which may also lead to less discomfort during periods of time when experiencing menstrual cramps or other discomforts related to menstruation. 3. Leg Lifts – Leg lifts involve lying on your back with both legs straight out in front of you while keeping them together in one line at hip-level height above ground level before lifting them off the ground slightly higher than hip level and then lowering them again (while keeping them straight). This exercise is useful for increasing circulation throughout the body, releasing tension from pelvic muscles, as well as strengthening core muscles which may decrease cramping during menstruation days when experiencing painful symptoms related to it.
4 Abdominal Massage – Gently massaging around the abdominal area using circular motions with one hand clockwise while using another hand counterclockwise may help reduce uncomfortable symptoms such as cramping associated with period pain due to increased blood flow throughout that region promoting relaxation and relief from muscle tension present within those areas too often when going through this phase each month. 5 Yoga Poses – There are several yoga poses specifically targeting areas where we experience discomfort most often such as a downward dog or child’s pose that help stretch our abdominal regions providing relief from any tightness present while also encouraging us mentally by helping us stay focused & mindful throughout this process itself too! By regularly incorporating these exercises into an overall healthy lifestyle plan along with diet modifications if necessary; many women find relief from their menstrual pains naturally without having to rely solely on medication options available today!