8 Gummy Accessories To Choose From For Your Next Party!

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE, CHERRY, RASPBERRY, PEACH GUMMY MIX KIT This kit comes with a total of 10 gummies, with 3 flavors to choose from. There are 3 different ways you can eat these gummies. You can either eat them as-is, use them in a candy bar, or make your own gummy snacks using the recipe provided. These gummies come pre-portioned and in their own baggies for easy storage. MAGIC BROWNIE KIT The Magic Brownie Kit is a cool new invention that allows you to create your own gummy brownie bites in the shape of your favorite animal or character. The kit includes four gummy packets and six toppings, including frosting, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. All you need to do is add water and stir! Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or an adult event, this kit is perfect for any occasion. RED GUMMY GLITTER + SHIMMER KIT If you’re looking to add a little sprinkle of something extra to your next get-ups, this kit is the perfect option! It contains 4 bags of red gummies and 1 bag of white gummies. The red gummies have glitter and shimmer mixed in them, giving them a unique look that will set your party apart from the rest.
GOLD GUMMY GLITTER + SHIMMER KIT This kit includes five pounds of gummy glitters, two pounds of gummies, and a neon pink shaker. It is perfect for any occasion and will make your guests feel like they are in a candy store. The glittery gold color is sure to stand out at any event. You’ll get plenty of different colors in this kit so you can spice up your next gummy party. CHERRY, RASPBERRY, PEACH GUMMY MIX KIT If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your next party extra sweet, these cherry, raspberry, and peach gummies are perfect. This kit includes the ingredients to create a delicious mix of cherry, raspberry, and peach gummies. Just add water, sugar, and gelatin to the included flavor packets. Then all you need is some gummy molds which are also included in the kit. Prepare to have a tasty time! INFUSION SPRAYER The infusion sprayer is one of the more unique options for a gummy accessory. If you aren’t familiar with this contraption, it is a simple device that sprays water over fruit to make infused water. One example of how you could use an infusion sprayer would be to make flavored lemonade. You can put your favorite lemonade recipe in the blender, then add some fruit and peels from oranges and limes. TIE DYE GUMMY & CANDY MOLDS Tie dye gummies are a fun idea for any party go-er. You can choose from tie dye gummy bear molds or gummy worms. These brightly colored gummies will be sure to please anyone who walks in the door. HEART MOLDS -SET OF 4 If you are looking to add a little love to your next get-together, heart molds are the way to go! You can make any drink into a sweet and romantic one by adding a little bit of color. These molds come in four different shapes: two hearts, two spoons and two cups. They are made from food-safe plastic and are sure to perform well in any dishwasher. Gummy is a perfect party food and can be made in countless flavors. You can decorate your dessert table with a variety of gummy accessories to match the theme of your party.