8 Accessories To Use With LEVO Machine For A Healthier Life

1) LEVO II spare part kits Perfect to use as a second infusing set or as a spare backup in case of any problem with the main machine. * Comes with a double herb pod and silicone pod protector * Made with stainless steel ceramic coated reservoir * Comes with a silicone stirrer and drain tube with a screw-top connection 2) LEVO lover kit Complete accessories for your LEVO experience from cooking to design accessories all in one. * Comes with a black apron, khaki bucket hat, tote bag and water bottle * Comes with one glossy sticker sheet * Comes with seven enamel pins and keychains 3) Premium MCT liquid coconut oil This MCT oil is healthy and ideal to be used with baked goods, gummies, and drinks. * Has the low medium smoking point of only 320 degrees * Stays liquid at room temperature * Does not have taste or smell 4) Strawberry lemonade gummy mix This gummy mix has everything you need and you only need to add infused oil and water to create them. * Made with natural color and flavor * Does not contain any active ingredients * Make them softer and firmer with coconut oil and MCT oil
5) Organic brownie mix This brownie mix is designed specifically to work with infused oil and butter. * Certified organic and kosher * Can yield from 9 to 16 brownies * Non-GMO, natural, and without any preservatives 6) Elevate and create kit Take your infusing to next level with this kit that can help you prepare and preserve your infusions. * Comes with 1 herb block storage tray with secure lit * Comes with a tie-dye gummy mold, power pod, pod protector, and herb press * Added with 1 LEVO drawstring cloth bag 7) Power pod Increases the strength and potency of the infusions. * Holds up to 1/2 cup of dry botanicals * Comes with stainless steel pod exterior * It is dishwasher safe 8) Gummy glitter This bright gold glitter is food-safe, tasteless, and makes your edibles shine. * Just dip in or brush on top * No flavor, no taste, and safe on food * Gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free If you are looking for accessories to use with LEVO machines for a healthier life then visit “LEVO”. For full info and price please click the link below. Hurry as stocks are limited.

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