9 Glamorous False Eyelashes

Here are 9 glamorous false lashes:


Let’s turn up the glam without spending a ton! Lucky’s ultra affordable lashes give an extra boost without breaking the bank. Get instant glam on the go with Lucky’s easy to use mascara and false lashes.


Get verified as soon as you open up an app. All you need is a quick snap on Lucky’s Verified Eyelashes.

Looking for high quality lashes? They are lightweight, synthetic, vegan friendly and come in both subtle and glam styles.


Every day is a good day when you wear Livin’ Lash false eyelashes. A wispy shape and 5mm-11mm length means they’re subtle but substantial enough to make a difference in your everyday look.

You’ll love the new way to wear false eyelashes—trust us! Livin’ Lash is a wispy lash that’s natural and perfect for everyday wear or when you’re trying false lashes for the first time.


Beauty is painless: Introducing Babygirl Lashes! These lashes look naturally beautiful on any eye shape and are 100% vegan. They come equipped with 4 lash anchors to hold them in place all day long.

Get long lashes without any extensions! With one application Babygirl’s eyelashes are strong enough to last all day without any glue or tape! Get long lashes now from Glamnetic’s #1 selling false eyelashes!


Need to turn up the glam today? Try these magnetic false eyelashes. Turn up the hotness meter with these lightweight magnetic false eyelashes. Create a natural look without compromising on comfort!


Every lash is wearable, every lash is Bella. Bella Lashes are made from super end fibers that are the same ones used in fancy mink coats. Wear this lash during the day or go full glam at night!


Stop hiding your gorgeous eyes behind false eyelashes or simply make them look a little fuller and sexier with these magnetic eyelashes.


Enhance your natural beauty in seconds with our patent pending design lash extensions – QT 🙂 Lashes!

Daily natural lashes that feel like wearing nothing at all. qt 🙂 Lashes are a low maintenance way to achieve a flirty and flirtatious look.


Make it a gossip girls night out every day! Our Gossip lashes give you long natural lashes without any fuss. Made from lightweight synthetic fibers, Gossip lashes don’t smudge or clump. Get Gossip lashes today!