9 Blankets And Beddings That Is Comfortable, Cozy And Affordable For A

Anyone can agree that bedding and blankets for sleeping and resting that we use in our beds, sofas, or when traveling outdoors need to be as comfortable and cozy as affordable. Especially weighted blankets that are in trend nowadays.

Investing in these bedding or blankets that ensure good benefits and a more wholesome experience for your sleeping or resting experience is a definite must-do. Studies have shown that using these weighted types of sleep material can increase energy upon waking up in the morning, promotes less stress and soothing experiences to the user, and a more restful and uninterrupted sleep.

Here are some bedding and blankets from Gravity that does just that:

1. Gravity Weighted Blanket – Ombre

Machine washable cover for the weighted blanket that has its color in ombre effect for a more creative feel. Well stitched seam for secure storage of the beads.

2. Gravity Weighted Blanket

Achieve a faster and deeper sleep with this scientifically supported material relieves pressure points and helps stimulate the feeling of being hugged to the user.

3. Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket

Weighted and has cooling effects. The best of both worlds when it comes to sleep experience, especially during those dry, hot, and humid days. Moisture-wicking fabric is used in this blanket for comfortability and a breathable feel.

4. Z Weighted Dual-Sided Blanket

A material that uses microplush on one side and cooling material on the other. The temperature regulating capability that this sleeping material promotes relaxation and stress-free sleeping or resting experience for the user.

5. Gravity Flex Travel Blanket

When traveling, this product is a go-to. The easy-to-carry form of this blanket allows the user to experience a restful and soothing sleep no matter where they are. It is weighted yet feels not weighted as this is made compact in design.

6. Calm X Gravity: Travel Blanket

This weighted blanket completes the experience with an additional offer to partner with the meditation app, Calm. The user gets a subscription inclusion when this blanket is purchased.

7. Gravity Weighted Blanket & Flannel Cover

Comfort and style in the nostalgic form of aesthetic. Weighted and has custom-designed flannel that is super soft.

8. Gravity Flannel Sheets

Stylish and machine washable. This product is made up of cotton and brushed flannel sheets. Definitely, a different feel for superior comfort and coziness while sleeping or resting.

9. Gravity Kids

A kid-friendly and safe weighted blanket promote better sleep for the little ones. A little treat for the kids is given upon purchase in the form of a weighted plush toy that can accompany them while sleeping.