8 Best Weighted Blankets To Improve Sleep

1) Gravity weighted blanket

This weighted design blanket help improve sleep and reduces stress by using deep touch pressure stimulation.

* Comes in 3 colors

* Comes in 3 sizes

* Comes with a premium micro plush duvet cover and fine grade glass beads filling

2) Weighted faux fur rabbit blanket

One of the softest blankets that you can have a cozy feel every night.

* Comes in 2 colors

* The blanket weight is 10 lbs

* Made with synthetic fur on one side and velvety lining on the other side

3) Weighted flannel sherpa blanket

This winter favorite is cozy and can be hand washed in cold water.

* Comes in 3 colors

* Comes in the measurement of 66″ x 48″

* Made with 100% cotton brushed flannel, faux sherpa polyester

4) Gravity flex travel blanket

This blanket can be easily carried anywhere whether for camping or family vacation.

* Comes in 2 color

* Made with breathable technical fabric to wick moisture

* Comes with a carrying case

5) Gravity cooling weighted blanket

Comes with cooling technology that keeps you cool in summer and makes you cozy in cold times.

* Comes in 3 sizes

* Comes in 3 colors

* Made with premium duvet cover and fine grade glass beads filling

6) Z weighted dual-sided blanket

This dual-sided blanket gives you the coziness you need and the cooling effect for a good sleep.

* Comes in two colors

* Comes with two types of internal clasps

* Fine grade glass beads are held in place with precise grinding stitching

7) Calm X gravity: original blanket

This soft blanket micro plush duvet cover can be removed making it easy to clean.

* Comes in single size 72″ x 48″

* Comes with a tiny plastic pellet filling

* Comes with ties and elastic button connectors

8) Gravity weighted blanket and cotton cover

The true meaning of coziness comes from this blanket with soft fabric.

* Comes in 4 colors

* Made with 100% breathable cotton with 300 thread count

* Available in single and queen/king size

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