How To Make Healthy Summer Cold Drinks

Summer is forever coming, and many people start thinking about what delicious things they can make or buy. One of these foods that people often forget is cold drinks. This can be caused by the fact that summertime days are long and hot, but also because many popular beverages like tea or coffee have a lot of caffeine in them which will only make you more tired if you drink too much of it. However, there are plenty of natural drinks that can be made with a lot of fruit. A lot of these are very refreshing and will also give you many health benefits. Here is how to make five different summer cold drinks that you and your family can enjoy any time during the hot summer day, but also all year round!
Lemonade To start with, let’s make lemonade! The process is very similar to how you would make lemonade any other time of year. First, get around a dozen lemons. Try to find lemons that are very fresh because this will guarantee a better taste. Wash the lemons and then grate them into small pieces, trying to get as much juice out of them as possible. After you finish grating your lemons, add them to a big glass jar with a top that can be closed tightly. Next, all you need is water, some ice cubes, and honey or stevia if you want your lemonade to have a sweet taste (optional). You can also add some fresh mint leaves if you have some. Some people also put in a bit of sugar for a more sweet taste. When the water is boiling, pour it over the lemons and close the jar with some kitchen paper. Wait until the water is completely cooled and then store it in a cool, dark place like in your fridge (which will be cooler than the outside because it will be inside your fridge). You can also add some ice cubes to the glass and pour the lemonade over it if you want. Conclusion Lemonade is just one of the many different drinks you can make with fruits. You can also make many other teas or mixes that you can easily keep in your fridge and drink when you need something refreshing. Try these out for yourself and enjoy a good summer drink!