12 Products That’ll Help You Recover After A Workout

Recover CBD Lotion

This Cannabidiol lotion helps soothe your muscles after a workout,s o you can go home and get some actual rest in comfort. Not only does this product soothe your muscles, but it also softens and nourishes your skin, so you take care of both concerns at once. Buy this recovery lotion for only $49.00.

Fitness Mat

This is a multi functional, non slip yoga and fitness mat that won’t slip and won’t cause you trouble while you get your fitness on. It has got an attractive minimalist design and is made with high quality PU leather. Take this outside or use it at home, this sturdy budget mat is worth just $79.00.

Wave Roller Smart Foam Roller

Your hard work in the gym is worth the recovery after. This modernized foam roller can be accessible by phone with an accompanying app so you can customize the intensity at which your foam roller works. Soothe your overworked muscles into a newfound recovery using this high tech roller worth $149.00.

Sleep CBD Tincture

This oral sleep tincture promotes sleep for recovery and restoration. This oil uses Cannabinoidal oils and valerian root to help you get sleep in order to work out the next day. Just take 1ml before bed under the tongue twenty minutes before you’re sure you’re going to sleep. Better than melatonin, this recovery tincture is worth only $80.00.

Revive CBD Body Balm (Jar)

This product helps you target the specific areas that are bothering you after a workout or just a really long day. Buy it for $65.00.

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Duo Adapter Set

Who said you can only treat one part of you that annoys you? The Theragun adapter allows you to do more than that. Prices vary from $49.00 – $59.00.

Theragun PRO

Target deeper layers of your muscles with the Theragun PRO. It’s silent but effective and will leave you feeling restored for your next workout. Buy it for $599.00.

Theragun Elite

When you’re in pain, all you need is this silent percussive therapy device. This is how recovery is made easy and quiet, so you can enjoy everything else around while you worry about treating yourself. Buy it now for $399.00.

Theragun Prime

This more affordable variant of the Theraguns offers everyone the opportunity to treat their bodies to a restorative treatment. Buy it for $299.00.

Revive CBD Body Balm (Stick)

This variant offers easy accessibility and a quick fix to hurting muscles. Buy it for $75.00.

Activate CBD Lotion

This pre-workout solution makes sure that you’re effective in any workouts you partake in. If it doesn’t work, Theragun’s got a 30 day money back guarantee. Buy it for $49.00.

Soothe CBD Massage Oil

Do away with regular massage oils and ask your local masseuse to use this instead. Not only will you get the massage of your life, but you will be ready and recovered for your next weight lifting session. Buy it for $65.00.