4 Weighted Sleep Mask So You Can Sleep Calmer

1) Copper-infused weighted sleep mask

* Uses antimicrobial copper-infused properties to give perfect pressure stimulation

* Mask is made with 100% silky smooth faux charmeuse and filled with 100% fine grade glass beads

2) Gravity weighted sleep mask

* It blocks out light by using a combination of micro plush and imitation cashmere

* Comes fully equipped with an adjustable velcro strap measuring from 23 to 28 inches

3) Gravity heating/cooling weighted sleep mask

* Both inside and out has been upgraded to take your relaxation to next level

* It is filled with 50% fine grade glass beads and 50% sea salt to allow it to heat or freeze

4) Limited edition pride weighted sleep mask

* All profits will be donated to the local LGBTQ charity partners

* Distributes between 0.75 to 1 lb of weighted pressure to a key pressure point on the face

If you are looking for some weighted sleep masks then visit “Gravity”. For full info and price please click the link below. Hurry up as stocks are limited.