Best Skin-Care Gadgets For Everyone

1. High-Frequency Acne Device

An innovative gadget specially designed to fight off acne. This wand-shaped product induces a small electrical current the moment it touches your skin which generates bacteria-killing oxygen. Reducing skin irritation and inflammation, it is a strong weapon against reoccurring acne that can restore your skin’s brightness and confidence.

2. High-Frequency Comb Electrode

A facial device from Stacked Skincare is used to maintain your hair and scalp health. Perfect for oxygenating the mentioned area and boosting its circulation, while its bacteria-killing properties prevent blemishes and acne from occurring.

3. Microneedling Tool Hair Care

This product is a necessary gadget for every man trying to grow a healthy beard. An aesthetician-designed tool that reduces fine lines and pores perfectly to offer smoother skin and a thicker and fuller beard.

4. Dermaplaning Tool

An award-winning product developed by Stacked Skincare. Its aluminum-handled single-edge blade offers exfoliation while cleansing all of your skin’s clogged pores slowing down its aging process. Your skin will be refreshed, with a brighter and younger-looking appearance.

5. Ice Roller

This patented gadget is specially designed with an egg-shaped edge and an aluminum handle to harness all cold energy and transmit it to your skin. Using reflexology knowledge and lymphatic drainage massage, it relieves itching whilst soothing and tightening your skin altogether.

6. Microneedling Tool

This unique design from Stacked Skincare is very easy to use daily to achieve younger-looking skin. A sustainable derma roller on a handle, used 2-3 times vertically, horizontally, and diagonally to minimize dark spots and clogged pores granting a tighter and richer look.

7. High-Frequency Pointy Electrode

This smart wand-shaped tool is another great skin-care choice. When used in a circular motion over a blemish for 1-3 min it kills all nearby bacteria while its low electrical passing current is an effective way to defeat acne.

8. Skincare Tool Kit

A budget-friendly bundle containing three of Stacked Skincare’s best-selling products all in one. A combination of a Dermaplaining Tool, a Microneedling Tool, and an Ice Roller is all that you need for a complete skin makeover.

9. Portable High-Frequency Device

If you need your skin freshening up on the go, then this device is created especially for you. It emits a small electrical current to minimize oil production and inflammation while confronting acne situations. Very easy to carry along, this gadget qualifies as one of our options.