The Benefits Of Cosmetic Blue Light Therapy

1. Prep your Skin: Before each session, you should make sure your face is properly cleansed and exfoliated so that all dirt and oil are removed from your pores before your treatment begins. This will help ensure that you get maximum effectiveness from the blue light during each session. 2. Protect Your Eyes: Although there is no risk associated with cosmetic blue light therapy, it’s important to protect your eyes when undergoing this treatment. Make sure to wear protective goggles throughout each session so that you don’t experience any eye irritation or damage due to the intensity of the blue light rays used in this type of therapy. 3. Wear Sunscreen: After completing a session of cosmetic blue light therapy, it’s important to apply sunscreen whenever you go outside into direct sunlight as this type of treatment can make your skin more sensitive than usual and may increase the chances of sunburn if not protected properly while exposed outdoors.
4. Moisturize Regularly: A key part of keeping healthy-looking skin after receiving cosmetic blue light therapy is proper moisturization on a regular basis; this will help keep your complexion looking fresh and radiant between treatments as well as reduce inflammation and redness caused by blemishes or breakouts over time with consistent use following each appointment with a dermatologist who specializes in this type of care. 5. Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water throughout the day not only helps promote overall health but also aids in keeping skin hydrated which helps maintain its youthful glow following sessions involving cosmetic blue light therapy; try adding lemon juice for added benefits such as detoxification! By following these simple tips, you can get the maximum benefit from every session at home or with a professional dermatologist for optimal results when using cosmetic blue light therapy!