The Importance Of Bone Health For A Healthy Life

First, it’s important to get enough calcium in your diet every day. Calcium is necessary for strong bones, as well as a host of other bodily processes such as muscle contractions and nerve signaling. The recommended daily intake of calcium varies by age but generally ranges from 1000-1300mg per day depending on gender and age group. Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are excellent sources of calcium but if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant there are plenty of non-dairy options available such as dark leafy greens (e.g., kale), nuts and seeds (especially sesame seeds), tofu made with calcium sulfate, fortified orange juice cereals bread plant milk, etc. Vitamin D helps with absorption so make sure you’re getting adequate amounts either through sun exposure or dietary sources like fatty fish (e.g., salmon) eggs mushrooms, etc.
Second is making sure you exercise regularly – weight-bearing exercises like walking running climbing stairs jogging dancing etc… have been shown to help build healthy bones over time by putting stress on them that triggers the reformation process needed for growth and strength maintenance. Additionally, resistance training with weights can also be beneficial if done correctly under supervision from a qualified trainer – this type of exercise encourages muscle development which in turn provides support for our skeletal system helping reduce the risk of injury due to weakness in joints/bones I e hip fractures wrists shoulders etc… Lastly don’t forget about balance activities like yoga pilates tai chi etc… these improve coordination agility stability which all help prevent falls which can lead serious injuries: broken hips wrist arms collarbones ribs vertebrae shoulder blades even skull! All these factors combined together will help maintain optimal bone health throughout life reducing chances of developing debilitating conditions later down the line such as osteoporosis arthritis joint pain etc. In conclusion, bone health should not be taken lightly it’s one most important aspects of maintaining overall physical well-being both now future so make sure taking steps right direction today ensures longevity tomorrow!