Tips For Prolonging The Life Of Your Chanel Camellia Nail Products

1. Before applying any of the polishes or treatments from the collection, make sure to ensure that your nails are free from oil, dirt, or debris by cleaning them with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This will help prevent clumps and streaks when you apply the product. 2. Always start with a base coat before applying color polish or treatment. The base coat helps protect your nails from staining, gives a smooth surface for application, and extends the life of your manicure/pedicure by providing an extra layer of protection between colors and treatments. 3. When applying multiple coats of polish or treatments, allow each layer to fully dry before adding another one on topthis will minimize bubbles caused by layering wet layers over each other as well as extend its longevity overall. 4. Finish off with a clear topcoat that adds shine while helping lock in color and prevent chips and scratches the more layers you wear on top of one another the better! Make sure it’s completely dry before proceeding with other activities such as washing dishes.
5 Last but not least – store products correctly! Keep bottles away from direct sunlight or heat sources as this tends to cause colors to fade quickly as well as affect their consistency; opt for dark places if possible such as cabinets or drawers instead! Also, make sure lids are secured tightly after each use so that air doesn’t get inside which could lead to further drying out over time-especially important if using liquid-based polishes treatments like those found in Chanel’s Camellia line! By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you get maximum value out of every bottle while maintaining beautiful nails year-round!