7 Intimacy Enhancers Styled From Egyptian Legend

* Elegance meets eroticism in the gorgeous Queen Set G-Spot Pulse Wave Vibrator designed to find and massage the G-Spot with ease. The whisper-quiet motor will send one of 8 vibration or pulse modes directly to your pleasure center. Let your partner play by using built-in Bluetooth connectivity to link to a smartphone and send you pulses of pleasure from up to 6 meters away.

* Pure style and pure pleasure from the elegant Hero Clitoral Massager, perfect for personal use and intimate play with your partner. The 4 pulse waves and 4 vibration modes are sure to provide you with the perfect stimulation for an intense orgasm.

* Sheer power and Regal Elegance combine to provide incredible thrusting power from the 4 vibration modes and 8 thrusting modes. With a frequency of up to 40 times per second, the King Vibrating Thruster guarantees mind-blowing orgasms of unmatched intensity.

* Designed mainly for couples the Bayek Couple’s Ring is ergonomically designed to fit between 2 bodies and enhance stimulation internally and externally. Using the dual rings to stretch over the scrotum and penis base, the Bayek retains blood in the genital region enhancing and sustaining the man’s erection.

* For pleasure in the bedroom or for daring fun outside the Aya Wearable Vibrator is beautifully designed to stimulate internally and externally and fit comfortably. Its 8 vibration modes will stimulate the G-Spot and Vulva, and the beautiful magnet attachment will hold it securely from outside the panty allowing you to take your pleasure with you.

* Designed to bring your personal pleasure time a whole new dimension the Bess Clitoral Stimulator has unique attachments that target your pleasure centers internally or externally. Intense orgasms await from this stylish and beautiful intimacy aid.

* Take pleasure to the next level with the Bess 2 Clitoral Massager, all the amazing features of the original Bess but with an additional anal bead attachment and a gentle heating element. Target stimulation directly and achieve new levels of orgasmic pleasure.