7 Light Therapy Products For Skin Rejuvenation

Solbasium Bright

A portable anti-aging system that consists of red wavelengths, the Solbasium Bright is not only good for your skin but also helps speed up wound healing and recovery. A desk stand and charging cable are included.

Solbasium S2 Massage Gun

A minimalist yet intuitive machine that relieves pain points, the S2 Massage Gun is ultimately portable and can be brought anywhere. The percussion massage tool also has red light therapy to stimulate and accelerate healing.

Solbasium Optix 70

One of the best beauty and self-care products that’s based on thousands of scientific studies, the Optix 70 is sure to be your best friend when it comes to reducing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as relieving aching joints and stiff muscles.

Solbasium Optix 1000

Get the ultimate product in red light therapy with the full-body Optix 1000. It has several configuration options so you can lie down, sit, or stand and bask in healthy red light.

Solbasium Quantum Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy in a massage roller is absolute genius. When you’re looking to get some muscle relief and stretching, you can rely on this product to help. A whopping 256 LEDs are mounted on and reduce inflammation in the exposed areas.

Solbasium Flex Red Light Therapy Bed

A must-have for those who want to experience the benefits of red light therapy, the Flex is an all-in-one therapy bed solution. Aside from accelerated healing, you can enjoy smoother and healthier-looking skin after just a few sessions with this bed.

Optix Forward Stand

A stand for your Optix 480 or 360, with the right fixings to secure and mount your Optix red light machine. It has rollers for easy maneuvering.