8 Of The Best Sucking And Licking Sex Toys

8 Of The Best Sucking And Licking Sex Toys.

1) OG Sucking Vibrator.

This true OG is a great place to start. The silicone vibration sits beside your G-spot while the suction plays with your clit. You can also choose between 10 modes for experimentation.

2) OG Pro2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator.

This Pro2 is a step up from the original. You get the same smooth and malleable shape, as well as those 10 settings. But, this one has a helpful remote control.

3) Juicy Clitoral Licking Vibrator.

This is the licking version of the vibrators above. 7 special pulses mimic the sensation of oral sex. You can also use the same standard vibration settings. However, if you want a more realistic motion, there are models with tongue parts below.

4) Ticky Sucking Vibrator.

You may feel those sucking 2-in-1 vibrators don’t go deep enough. This alternative model has you covered with a longer shaft and molded head. There are 5 sucking sensations, but you also get 5 slapping ones for something different.

5) Rose Clit Licking Vibrator

Rose sex toys are very popular right now. This licking version uses a tongue petal to stimulate the clit or nipples with ease. The butt plug attachment is a fun extra feature.

6) Portable Rose Clit Sucker

Alternatively, there is this portable clit sucker rose. This one has 10 settings for quick and easy orgasms wherever you are. It is simple, discrete, and effective.

7) Mr. Duckie Suction Vibrator.

Cuter animal designs are on the rise in sex toys, and this is a fun choice if you are into that. The duck beak offers 7 modes of suction. Also, the waterproof body makes this an alternative bath toy.

8) DucKing Rubber Duck Vibrator.

Finally, there is Mr. Duckie’s more intense cousin. He is beloved for his skills with various body parts. That is because he has a sucker in the tail and a little tongue in the beak. He is also waterproof and easy to use.

Many people try sucking and licking sex toys and never look back. These diverse designs offer enough variety and intrigue that we should all be able to find the perfect model. So, sit back and see what these sucking sensations and little silicone tongues can do for you.