8 Products That Can Help You Deal With Stress And Sleep Better

8. Magic Journal

If you are just starting off using CBD products, you might as well document your experience. Regardless of the reason why you wish to give them a shot, the Magic Journal is a great way to write down your thoughts. It is a high-quality journal that looks like a small spellbook.

7. Plant-Based Tie Dye Pouch

Along with CBD products, you also need some proper storage for them, especially if you commute or travel a lot. The Plant-Based tie dye pouch is, as the name would suggest, a pouch made using sustainably sourced materials.

6. Melt & Gua Sha Set

The Melt & Gua Sha set is an excellent choice for a gift or for someone who is just starting out using CBD oils. The Prismatic Plants Melt oil is formulated to help the skin heal and reduce pain. Made only out of natural extracts, the oil is easy to use and is absorbed by the skin in minutes.

5. The Mini Set

If you do not want to make a full commitment to CBD products and want to give them a try first, the Mini Set can be a good option. The set includes two CBD oils. One oil is made to be used during the day while the other one should be used right before going to bed.

4. Melt Tension Serum

The Melt Tension serum is a great product that can be used throughout the day and as a night serum. It is made using only plant extracts that are easily absorbed by the skin. The serum is meant to help heal the skin and soothe pain locally.

3. Good Day

The Good Day oil was deliberately formulated to be used during the daytime. Using only natural ingredients, the oil is meant to help improve focus, concentration, and clarity. It is one of the few CBD products that deliberately targets cognitive abilities.

2. Good Night

Sleep quality is highly important for a well-functioning mind and body. The Good Night oil is one of the few products that focus on sleep. It benefits from CBD and CBN oils that help you calm down, alleviate stress, and help you get a continuous and resting sleep.

1. Day & Night Set

The Day & Night set includes both oils from Prismatic Plants. They offer excellent value for money when purchased together. Having both products ensures that you get the most out of your day and get proper sleep during the night.