8 Scented Candles To Make Your Room Smell Heavenly

34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle

Once you’ve caught the scent of Diptyque’s unique candle then you’ll want to always have it in your home. Distinctive blackcurrant and moss leaves come together and bring to life floral notes as well as balms, woods, and spices. The opaline glass has a distinctive print and adds to the overall design.

Feu De Bois Wood Fire Candle

This scented candle belongs to a class in itself, with an exquisite earthenware pot that’s completely handmade. A woody scent is given off by five wicks in the candle. Light them all and experience calm and a fragrant aroma simultaneously.

Amber Candle

The Amber Candle is a two-part piece, featuring a hand-blown glass container and wax that contains patchouli, vetiver, and wood as its main ingredient. Light it up and you can get a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Berries Candle

The Berries Candle is a favorite among scented candle enthusiasts. The moment the wick is lighted you get memories of smelling a bouquet of fresh roses with hints of blackcurrant leaves. The handcrafted glass adds to the atmosphere.

Lemon Verbena Small Candle

Gives off the scent of whole lemon verbena leaves as if they’re freshly crushed in your hand. It’s soft yet lively and energizes the mind and soul. The candle serves as a relaxant at the end of a long and tiring day.

Tuberose Small Candle

Tuberose is a white flower that can be largely found in India. The Tuberose Small Candle offers the same experience- you’ll be transported into a field of white flowers that give off milky and fruity notes. The fragrance lasts until the last wax has melted.

Waxed Wood Candle

Waxed wood is an infamous scent that has stood the test of time. A single whiff will make you think of ancient castles with woodwork and timber floors that have developed a nice patina over time.

Hawthorn Candle

Hawthorn is the distant cousin of the more popular rose, but its scent is a bit more complex. Flowery notes enhance honeyed pollen and bitter almonds in a single yet intoxicating fragrance.

Berries Small Candle

A smaller candle version of the Berries item, its fragrance will stick to your mind even hours after you’ve snuffed it out. Freshly picked blackcurrant leaves are tangy, and the aroma will make you think you’re outdoors and under the sun.